New review from Dutch Progressive Rock Page -
The title track may be one of the best new prog songs I have heard all year. Zip Tang had a
very high standard to live up to and I am happy to say they have exceeded all expectations.
A band that can consistently deliver the goods and maintain an exceptionally high quality
 throughout is worthy of more attention. 9 out of 10!


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Zip Tang: Private Shangri-La
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Come see our debut performance with our new bassist Andrew Bunk, featuring brand spankin' new music from our upcoming concept album!

Reggies Music Joint
8PM 21+ $10/$13
Ticket Link $10

Cloud Zero
Chicago based Progressive Rock band. We primarily pay homage to the band Porcupine Tree, but we throw in a few surprises here and there.
Zip Tang

Zip Tang crawls out of their studio after two years to debut some brand spankin' new Eclectic Progressive Original Rock from their upcoming 6th album and a few tunes from their back catalogue. Chicago prog rock veterans Perry Merritt on guitar and vocals, and Fred Faller on drums, continue to evolve as a power prog trio with their new bassist Andrew Bunk.




BIG NEWS fans and friends - Zip Tang will live on! Meet and welcome our new bass player Andrew Bunk! After many months of uncertainty about our future and the daunting task of trying to find a local high caliber player into our eclectic flavor of prog, Andrew came in to audition at ZiTi studio and just about nailed four of our most technically challenging songs. Much like our drummer Fred Faller's audition 15 years ago, after the first couple of songs we knew we had found our new bassist.

We're very excited and have a new shot of enthusiasm to resume development of our new concept album, and to get out and play live again with the high energy and solid feel Andrew's style gives our old and new music.

Here's a little more info on Andy:
In the summer of 1988, Andy's friends needed someone to play bass and they happened to have a bass he could borrow. He gave it a shot, and 30 years later he's still going strong! After spending his formative years banging out all kinds of metal from thrash to glam, his musical influences began to expand and eventually led him to writing, recording and performing with numerous original and cover bands in both Chicago and NYC, including Profile, Braindance, Backstage Pass, X-Factor, Divinity Compromised and Silent Lucidity. He has played many of Chicago's best venues in addition to touring nationally including the prestigious ProgPower USA festival. He is currently an endorsing artist for the legendary Spector Bass company.




With a heavy heart we are sad to announce that Zip Tang is now a duo. After 15 years and 5 CDs, our bassist, and resident sommelier, Richard Wolfe, has decided it is time to step away from the band. We have nothing but fond memories of our time together and we wish him all the best. 


While Doc's departure leaves a huge hole in the band, Zip Tang is far from being done. We have a lot of new material for our 6th album that we are determined to finish. 


Over the last couple of months, our good friend Marc Piane has been kind enough to jump in with his more-jazzy style of bass playing and composition skills. Unfortunately, Marc is also an in-demand player with a very full calendar making it difficult for him to rehearse regularly. So with Marc's support, we are actively seeking a bassist who digs our vibe and is interested in co-creating the next phase of Zip Tang II. 




 Perry and Fred




Just Plain Folks - a grass-roots music organization that hosts the world's largest independent music awards has nominated Zip Tang in 4 categories!

"After 18 months of screening the 17,400 Albums and 240K songs our judges have chosen nominees for both Albums and Songs in over 70 genres of music." :

Hard Rock - 'Exit 94' from Private Shangri-La
Metal - 'Thorazine Drip' from Das Reboot
Instrumental - 'Spooky Jam' from Feed our Heads
Hard Rock Album - Private Shangri-La

Check it out. http://www.jpfolks.com/

We've been busy at ZiTi Studio for the last several months writing and developing a bunch of new stuff for our first concept album.


Reggies is proud to announce Progtoberfest II October 21-23, 2016 with 25+ bands playing this year.

Our main headliners include the reunion of legendary Jazz/Fusion band Brand X (Percy Jones, John Goodsall, & Kenwood Dennard), The Security Project (former members of King Crimson & Peter Gabriel’s Band), iNow Trio (Patrick Moraz (Yes), Bunny Brunel (Chick Corea), and Virgil Donati (Planet X)), The Fringe (Nick D’Virgilio (Spock’s Beard & Tears For Fears), Randy McStine (Sound of Contact), and Jonas Reingold (The Flower Kings)), and Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy - Remembering Keith and the Music of Emerson, Lake & Palmer as well as a tribute to the legendary Keith Emerson featuring acclaimed Chicago ELP tribute Fanfare, Jonathan Schang of District 97, Mike Keneally, and other guests.

Zip Tang opens the festivities on Friday Oct.21st,

3 Day Passes, Single Day, and VIP Ticket Options Available
VIP Ticket includes admission to Progtoberfest, Meet & Greet with bands, Poster, and BBQ Buffet.

Progtoberfest II

Brand X
Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy
The Security Project
iNow Trio
The Fringe
Tribute to Keith Emerson with Mike Keneally, Fanfare, & friends
Mike Keneally and Beer for Dolphins
The Reign of Kindo
Rikard Sjöblom
District 97
The Explorers Club
The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra
Infinite Spectrum
Sonus Umbra
Zip Tang
Fibonacci Sequence
General Zod









Saturday, January 9, 2016 - 8:00 PM at Wire -
6815 Roosevelt Rd, Berwyn, Illinois

We will be performing our new album "Private Shangri-La" in its entirety with our good friends, headliner Sonus Umbra - featuring their new album "Beyond the Panopticon", and Might Could - "The N.E.S.F.A.N. Trilogy" opening the show.

Wire is an exciting new venue with a large stage, great lighting, excellent sound system, and a fantastic beer menu! We look forward to rocking this joint with you and some spectacular musicians!

21+ $15  Doors @ 7:00 PM

Tickets Available @ www.ticketweb.com

Private Shangri-La available now on
iTunes & Google Play

album info and lyrics here

ZT v2.0 Album #5 Coming 2015

New Show Date:
PROGTOBERFEST Oct. 25th-26th at Reggie's
with Spock's Beard, Stick Men feat. Tony Levin, Tu feat. Trey Gunn and Pat Mastelotto, and many more great bands!


After nearly a dozen years as a quartet, Zip Tang is now a trio. We want to express our best wishes to Marcus Padgett and our gratitude for 12 great years together as an integral part of Zip Tang. We wish him all the best on the next phase of his musical journey.

Zip Tang 2.0 will live on and we are very excited about the new material the three of us have been working on for the last several months, and the somewhat new direction the music has taken.


with District 97 and Might Could
Doors at 7:30 pm show at 8:00 pm



DAS REBOOT  Available Now

at iTunes, Rhpasody and CD Baby!


Album #4 is nearing completion friends. Stay tuned here or on our Facebook page for updates and release date.



"Feed Our Heads" CD Release Show!

Also with two great, sonically and visually stimulating original bands -

Von Frickle - featuring mind bending music from their 9th album, and

District 97 - with 2007 American Idol Top 10 Female Finalist, Leslie Hunt on lead vocals!

Friday, April 8th @ The Abbey, 3420 W. Grace, Chicago, IL

8:00 PM, $8 ADVANCE, $10 at the door
w/ Karlye Lapetina at 8:30, followed by Zip Tang / Von Frickle / District 97

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"Original, fresh and downright entertaining approach to modern progressive music"  Dutch Progressive Rock Page

"I Really Love This Album"   Gibraltar Encyclopedia Of Progressive Rock

"Inspiration Beyond Measure"
by Suze Merlin - Progressive Area, France

"Zip Tang Has Evolved Into A Great Band!" - RockTimes, Germany

"Original, Fresh and Worth Listening To"   (loosely translated from German)
Babyblaue-Seiten - The German Prog Encyclopedia  (original German text)

"FOH" is available now at iTunes .


IT'S HERE! "FEED OUR HEADS" is now available
to buy or download at CD Baby! Coming soon to iTunes.



Hard to believe we released PANK over a year ago and reviews still coming from around the world. New reviews from Norway, Brazil, New Zealand and Germany.


Zip Tang takes 4th place for Prog Rock Album and 6th for Prog Song "Footprints" at the JPF Awards. We had a blast playing at BB KIng's on Friday and the Awards Show Saturday was phenomenal! See all the winners and finalists here:
2009 Album Winners: Top 4 Albums in All Genres
2009 Song Winners: Top 6 Songs in All Genres

Zip Tang has been selected to play at the JPF Pre Awards Nominee Showcase at BB Kings Nashville Aug. 28th.


JPF reports that their 8000 volunteer judges screened over 42,000 CD's and 560,000 songs to reach these final results in 80 categories.  Check it out!  The final voting is next and the Awards will be announced August 29 in Nashville! 

We'd like to thank the judges that voted for us and wish good luck to the other nominees. Maybe we'll see some of you in Nashville.


Pank reaches #29 of the top 100 albums of the year for 2008 in Germany's Eclipsed Rock Magazine.  We're honored to be included with these great international bands and artists. We haven't heard of a few of them either, but Google 'em and check them out like we did. Lots o' good stuff...

Here are the top 50:

1. Rose Kemp - Unholy Majesty
2. Portishead - Third
3. Colour Haze - All
4. Opeth - Watershed
5. Stephen Malkmus - Real Emotional Trash
6. Lunatic Soul - s / t
7. Pendragon - Pure
8. Fleet Foxes - s / t
9. The Mars Volta - The Bedlam In Goliath
10. Marillion - Happiness Is The Road
11. RPWL - The RPWL Experience
12. Xavier Rudd - Dark Shadows Of Blue
13. Simon Says - Tardigrade
14. Black Mountain - In The Future
15. Astrid Swan - Spartan Picnic
16. Karmakanic Who's The Boss In The Factory
17. Matthew Parmenter - Horror Express
18. The Hold Steady - Stay Positive
19. Seveen Steps To The Green Door - Step In 2 My World
20. The Black Angels - Directions To See A Light
21. Tribe After Tribe - MOAB Stories From Deuteronomy
22. Siena Root - Far From The Sun
23. No-Man - School Yard Ghosts
24. Lambchop - (OH) Ohio
25. Guapo - Exilirs
26. Caspian - The Four Trees
27. Brian Jonestown Massacre - My Bloody Underground
28. The Season Standard - Squeeze Me Ahead Of Line
Zip Tang - Pank
30. Uriah Heep - Walk The Sleeper
31. Motorpsycho - Little Lucid Moments
32. Madrugada - s / t
33. Van Der Graaf Generator - Trisector
34. Steve Winwood - Nine Lives
35. Joe Jackson - Rain
36. The Cure - 4:13 Dream
37. Seven That Spells - Black Om Rising
38. Whitesnake - Good To Be Bad
39. Sigur Rós - međ Suđ I Eyrum viđ Spilum Endalaust
40. Walter Trout - The Outsider
41. Mogwai - The Hawk Is Howling
42. The Pineapple Thief - Tightly Unwound
43. AC/DC - Black Ice
44. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Dig! Lazarus, Dig!!! Lazarus, Dig!
45. Shamall - Questions of Life
46. Slut - StillNo1
47. Portugal. The Man - Censored Colors
48. Diagonal - s / t
49. Coldplay - Viva La Vida
50. Joan As Police Woman - To Survive

PANK CD Release Party at Martyrs' Nov. 20th at 9:00pm, door at 8:30.

YouTube Video
Zip Tang & The Hush Sound - "Hourglass" @ House Of Blues



Attention all Zip Tang fans! As you may know, our drummer's son plays bass for The Hush Sound. On July 20, in the midst of their "Dance Across the Country" tour, THS will be headlining at The House of Blues. In a daring display of Cross Generational Musical Pollination, Zip Tang will perform a short opening set with a little help from their young friends. This is a Very Special Onetime Performance that must be seen to be believed. Tickets are available at The House of Blues. Don't be alarmed that ZT does not appear on the marquis – we'll be there. It's a secret show for our special fans!
The last time THS headlined at the House of Blues it sold out so get your tickets NOW!